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IMC Group raises S$330,000 for elderly at its 11th annual Charity Golf event

IMC Group helps to raise S$330,000 at the annual IMC-Tsao Foundation Charity Golf 2017 jointly organised by IMC Industrial Group – one of IMC’s strategic business groups ­– at the Tanah Merah Country Club today.

The amount raised will help to fund the eldercare services at Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) – one of the initiatives at Tsao Foundation – which serves some 3,500 elders.

The Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing (HMCSA) is a one-stop, first-stop primary healthcare provider at Tsao Foundation established since 1993. The Centre delivers team-managed medical, social, and psycho-emotional care primarily to adults aged 40 years and above living in the community. It also offers support and guidance to their caregivers.

HMCSA encourages self-care and self-mastery to promote wellbeing, providing necessary information and training at the clients’ pace. Clients of HMCSA can consult at more than one clinic or programme at the same time, or transfer from one to another as their needs change over time. Over the care continuum, they engage their clients in active health promotion and preventive healthcare through to disease management and end of life care.

More than 130 IMC Industrial Group’s business associates and corporate customers participated in the charitable cause to help towards capacity building needed for providing quality care for the elderly.

Mr Ryan Chan, Group Managing Director, IMC Industrial Group, said: “We would like to thank our business partners and associates who have given us their unwavering support with generous donations for HMCSA. We hope that this fundraising effort will continue to make a positive and sustained life for our senior citizens and inculcate the spirit of corporate giving as it is IMC’s mission “to serve human well-being and create wealth at the same time”.

Ms Peh Kim Choo, Chief Executive Officer, Tsao Foundation said, “In most situations, vulnerable elders need to receive integrated medical, social and psycho-emotional health services if they are to live at optimal health, and age at home and within the community, among family and friends. We are truly grateful to IMC and its business associates and all the friends who regularly support this annual golf event, our main fundraising activity for the year. Their generosity makes it possible for many vulnerable elders dealing with financial stress on top of other challenges to receive the care that they need from our Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing.”



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