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Ending the 16th Edition of AITIA Corporate Games (ACG) on a high note!

This year, AITIA Institute’s year-long wellness programmes impacted more than 6000 individuals and 93 companies from the corporate wellness, family and learning communities.

Wrapping up the year was our well-established AITIA Corporate Games (ACG) that happened in the month of October 2019, where over 1000 corporate individuals from 52 companies competed across 7 different sporting events: Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Futsal, Pool, Table Tennis & Squash.

The games saw a greater increase in new companies joining from the E-commerce and Information Technology sectors – some of the household names include, Shopee, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson & Julie’s Biscuits.

As AITIA Corporate Games is centered on three main pillars, Wellness, Relationships and the corporate community, efforts are continuously made by the team to include new elements to strengthen the abovementioned pillars.

One such effort is the inclusion of Squash in partnership with The Squash Ratchet Association of Singapore. This move has seen inroads made to include interested energy companies e.g., Shell and investments arms of Singapore e.g., JTC Corporation & GIC Singapore.

Furthermore, 2019 AITIA Corporates Games raised more than S$200,000 worth of sponsorships. In particular, major cash contributions were received from the private sector – Julie’s Biscuits (Main & Principal Partner), Boogle Group Limited (Prime Partner), Go Pure (Hydration Partner), YQueue (App Partner) and The Garden Club (Supporting Partner).

This milestone achieved signalled a bold step forward in the creation of a wellness ecosystem with like-minded corporate partners, in our bid to achieve greater sustainability and a robust wellness model.

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