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At IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group (IMCPAA), we envision a world where everyone has discovered their purpose in life, their role and the relationships they need to flourish in life. We are shaping a workplace culture of the future that ignites the aspirations of intrinsically motivated individuals interested to serve the needs of a new well-being and happiness economy – one where purpose, sustainability, and positive transformation converge. Whether our job is unlocking globalisation through maritime shipping or inspiring business and organisation transformation, we are a team united by the same mission to serve the well-being of Life.

Well-Being of Life is our Shared Focus

As humanity evolves and rises against new challenges, IMCPAA seeks to steward change for the new era. Our Well-being Mandate prioritises well-being in every facet of our organisation. This is not just an aspiration; it is a way of life and our living mission. Built on the universal principle that we all desire to be well, we are dedicated not only to adding value to society through our business ecosystem, but also to foster an environment where every employee can flourish. 

Shifting Consciousness, Discovering Purpose

Life at IMCPAA extends beyond the boundaries of a traditional career. We believe that every individual possesses a true calling waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Through a variety of programmes and initiatives, we provide the space and resources to empower each team member to cultivate mindfulness, shift consciousness and discover their purpose. As our people discover their purpose, they grow into their roles and beyond it to become dynamic leaders, role models, and creative entrepreneurs. A career with us means a shared journey of holistic life experiences that will fuel both your personal growth and professional development.

The Many Paths to Purpose

Embracing the interconnected nature of humanity, our commitment to well-being and self-driven work is reflected in our thoughtfully designed workspace that allows team members to fluidly flow between interactions, engagements and exploration. We have customised wellness programmes curated for each employee such as physiotherapy, Pilates, breathwork and sound baths, so that our people can heal, be energised, and channel their best selves in all aspects of life. IMCPAA believes in investing in the holistic well-being of a person to enable and celebrate the overall flourishing of life.

Join us for a unique journey at IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group and experience a metamorphosis of self-discovery, purposeful growth, and true fulfilment. Together, we are co-creating a future where the well-being of Life is a reality for all.


The IMC Group Management Trainee Programme offers a robust 2-year experience in strategic management across the IMC’s diverse businesses.

Through experiential training, hands-on projects and coaching opportunities, our Management Trainees have the opportunity to develop their professional competencies and also discover their evolutionary purpose.

Successful candidates will undergo 4 rotations in 3 of our dynamic and fast-paced business arms. Explore an exciting career journey with IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group today!