IMC Pan Asia Alliance

Our Evolution

Serving each era, one metamorphosis at a time.

Serving each era,
one metamorphosis
at a time.

The Tsao family had a successful business in transportation in Shanghai in the early 1900s. The outbreak of World War II and the subsequent civil war in China led the family to move the base of their business operations to Hong Kong. It was against the backdrop of the turbulent times that Chavalit Frederick Tsao’s father, the late Tan Sri Frank Tsao, took over the leadership of the family business while his great-grandfather expanded the business southwards and towards Brazil. This family business eventually evolved into International Maritime Carriers Ltd. (IMC), a renowned shipping company. IMC served Japan’s industrialisation during this period, which was the challenge of that era.     

Tan Sri Frank Tsao also navigated the company through a major shipping downturn in the early 1980s, and helped found Malaysia’s national shipping line, first shipyard, and seamen training centre. During this era, the company evolved further to support the industrialisation of South-East Asia. 

In the mid-1990s, Chavalit took over the reins and expanded the business as Chairman of the IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group (IMCPAA). He privatised IMC in 2002 to take advantage of the global shipping boom resulting from China’s economic growth. He went on to spearhead the modernisation of IMC’s business operations, diversify the company’s portfolio, and pursue strategic alliances and partnerships.

In the present day, IMCPAA is undergoing yet another evolution to steward the new era of a moral market economy. Focused on well-being and happiness, this new era will be guided by a social contract focused on the flourishing of Life. It will integrate a fresh appreciation of the impact of business, as motivated by enlightened stewards invested in co-creating a more sustainable and responsible world.

Our Steward


Mr Chavalit Frederick Tsao

Business & Industry


Chavalit Frederick Tsao was born in the East and educated in the West. Chavalit joined as the fourth-generation business steward at age 20 and officially took over the group’s chairmanship at 37 from his father, Tan Sri Frank Tsao. The alumni of the University of Michigan then went on to transform the IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group from a traditional family business into a multi-national conglomerate with diverse business interests, and a well-being business eco-system. Chavalit cut his teeth early in his entrepreneurship journey by starting a highly profitable palm oil business, turning around a bankrupt Thai national shipping line, and listing it successfully. 

While transforming the Tsao family business, Chavalit was also recognised by the industry chairman of Intercargo during his 7 years at Intercargo where he successfully created a number of platforms to promote collaboration within the Maritime industry.

School of Life

As a baby boomer, he saw the development of the market economy and experienced firsthand the challenges of sustainability within that market economy. Chavalit saw that a new consciousness was demanded for humanity to take on the challenges in the new era. He founded an East-West Cultural Research and Development Centre, publishing over 35 books from findings. The founder of Octave Institute believes that it is the school of life. His thoughts and philosophies can be gleaned from his growing anthology of books by Chavalit Frederick Tsao.

New Era

Fred, as he is known to his community at the Family Business Network (FBN), is leading the movement to ignite a new humanity by shifting our shared consciousness. He was appointed as the Chairman of the Council of Wisdom at FBN International. He has consolidated over 45 years of experience as an entrepreneur, his exploration of life and his journey of self-cultivation into a set of belief systems. One that embraces consciousness as the mother of all capital, the principle for one to be well, all must be well; when all is well, one will be well, and the importance of moving from a shareholder to a stewardship mindset. Fred believes that the new era will be based on the happiness economy, one that demands a new humanity.

Consciousness is the mother of all capital

At IMCPAA, all that we do is guided by our Well-Being Mandate, Mission and Vision. We believe that each of us is on our own journey of “I to We”. This approach manifests itself in IMCPAA as the MMM Management Model.

Managers Must Manage (MMM)
Management Model Core Concepts

Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

We are all connected and for the energy and resources to flow and achieve flourishing, we must pursue integration. When I am well, all is well, when all is well, I am well.

Roles & Relationship

Our relationship within the system of life determines the roles that we choose to play within it. And our consciousness of the context of the relationships is key to creating value for life.

“I” To “We” Journey

Each of us are on our own journey towards integration with the system of life. We are all connected at the quantum level and it’s key that we realised it so as to fulfil our purpose and receive joy.

Self-Cultivation to Stewardship

Our self-management and cultivation will shift our consciousness and appreciate the context and energy around and within us. Appreciating and acting upon it, we will adopt the role of Stewards, of life and our resources.

IMC Core Values